Retro Checks and April Meeting

Remember that this month’s Membership Meeting is not next Monday, the 16th. It has been moved to April 23. 5:00 p.m. at Local 1092.

Also, everyone working for the City should have received their retroactive pay check by now. If you have any questions about it, let us know. 2 FAQ’s so far:

Q. Why isn’t there Overtime on the check?
A. If you worked Overtime during your retroactive period, retro pay for Overtime should be on your check. Regular pay is called “Retro Pay Pen” on your check. Overtime pay is called “Retro Pay No Pen” on your check. Look for both amounts.

Q. What time period does the retro check cover?
A. If you are in a prevailing rate position (Apprentice, Construction Laborer, ECD, Subforeman, etc.), you were owed a raise on July 1, 2017 that you did not get. So your check covers the period from 7/1/17-2/1/18.
If you are in a non-prevailing rate position (District Clerk, Watchman, Safety Specialist, etc.) you were owed a raise on January 1, 2018 that you did not get. So your check covers the period from 1/1/18-2/1/18.

Two Job Postings 4/2/18

Chicago’s Department of Aviation will be posting a bid for 1 Stores Laborers tomorrow. The job is at O’Hare in the warehouse there. You must apply online at the City’s website. You MUST read and follow all instructions on the bid or it will be rejected by the City. If you would like assistance submitting your bid, please call us and set up a time to come in and meet with Phillis.  Good luck.

Also- Today, Cook County put up a posting for 1 Laborer in the Facilities Department. You can find that posting here. As with City postings, remember to follow all instructions and call us with questions.

Bid for 2FM

Dear Members,

Chicago’s Department of Fleet and Facility Management (2FM) will be posting a bid for 3 Laborers tomorrow. You must apply online at the City’s website. You MUST read and follow all instructions on the bid or it will be rejected by the City. If you would like assistance submitting your bid, please call us and set up a time to come in and meet with Phillis.  Good luck.

Additionally, we have JB Pritzker and Kwame Raoul yard signs at the hall. Please stop by and pick one (or more) up.

In Solidarity,


Worker Rights Rally this Saturday!

February 21, 2018-

The time is NOW! The future of your job, your Union and the Middle Class is at stake. This coming Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that may significantly harm the future of your union rights. Now more than ever we must stand together.

This Saturday, February 24, please join us for a Working People’s Day of Action. Noon at Daley Plaza downtown.

Parking is available behind Local 1001, and free transportation will be provided to and from Local 1001.  Local 1001 is located at:

323 S. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL

See more details here. Come out and stand up for your rights! And stop by the hall this week if you don’t have any LiUNA gear and you need an orange t-shirt.

Volunteers For This Weekend

Dear Members,

Thanks to all of you who responded to the text message we sent this week about volunteering this weekend.  We need even more people- if you didn’t respond to the text please call the hall and let us know you’ll come out for a couple hours either Saturday or Sunday.  There are 5 locations all across the city, and more in nearby suburbs.  We’ll get you the location closest to your house.  I’ll be at the Diversey location Saturday morning.

We need to get out there and help the Pritzker/Stratton campaign.  No other team will work to protect our jobs, wages, and pensions like they will. Our strength as a union comes from our ability to unite to effect change for the better- a great opportunity to do that is this weekend.

In Solidarity,


JB Pritzker for Governor

JB Pritzker’s campaign is having two weekends of action, January 27th & 28th and February 17th and 18th.  They need volunteers at all their campaign offices.  Getting Pritzker elected is key to holding on to our rights and benefits as Laborers, and key to making sure the infrastructure work that is the basis of our livelihood continues in the future.  Please do all you can to get out and help the campaign on at least one of these dates.  You can choose any date, any location, and any shift.  Please call the hall and let us know which one you’ll be at.

Saturday January 27: Shift 1 starts 10:00AM
Shift 2 starts at 1:00PM

Sunday January 28: Only shift starts at 1:00PM

Saturday February 17: Shift 1 starts at 10:00AM
Shift 2 starts at 1:00PM

Sunday February 18: Only shift starts at 1:00PM

Office Locations:
11641 S. Halsted
1051 W. Belmont
4418 W. Diversey
5401 S. Wentworth

We need to get out there and help him get elected.

New City Contract

After ten months of negotiations, during which the City attempted to take away the prevailing wage, make double time pay for OT a virtual impossibility, and make other changes that would diminish our livelihood and that of our families, we have finally come to an agreement on a new, 5-year collective bargaining agreement.  1092’s Executive Board has recommended the contract to the Laborers’ District Council for ratification, and the Chicago City Council is expected to ratify it next week.  We discussed all of the main changes at our membership meeting this past Monday, and below is a summary of those changes.

This contract doesn’t happen without the bargaining power that comes with a strong union; it is the result of all of our members standing united as one against powerful people and groups that want to see us with no pension, low pay, and prohibitively expensive health care. When we stand together, we will always be able to fight them off and defend our standard of living, our careers, and our work.

LiUNA Local 1092 Contract Highlights



  • 5 years, from 7/1/17-6/30/22

Prevailing Rate:

  • The City will continue to pay the Prevailing Rate as of July 1 each year, including a retroactive check going back to July 1, 2017 for members making the Prevailing Rate.

Non-Prevailing Rate

  • 1/1/18 = 2%
  • 1/1/19 = 2.25%
  • 1/1/20 = 2%
  • 1/1/21 = 2.25%
  • 1/1/22 = 2%
  • Retro Check going back to 1/1/18

Deferred Comp Plan (457b)

The City will match up to

  • 2020 = $250
  • 2021 = $250
  • 2022 = $500

Boot Reimbursement

  • $100 per year for those required to wear safety shoes

Health Care Employee Contribution Increases

  • 7/1/18 = .5%
  • 1/1/19 = .5%
  • 1/1/20 = .5%

Health Care Savings Required

  • City’s LMCC must come up with $3 million in savings for the health care plan by 2020 or implement additional plan changes that will save $3 million.
  • $3 million is the total savings between all the COUPE unions (which includes all trades, Teamsters, SEIU, and others)


Health Care Premium Cap (currently people don’t make health care contributions on salary in excess of $90K)

  • 2019 = 100K 2020 = 115k  2021 = 130k
    • Does not include OT

Prescription Drug Deductible

  • 2019 = $35 deductible (per household)
  • 2020 = $35 deductible (per household)
  • 2021 = $75 deductible (per household)
  • 2022 = $75 deductible (per household)

Paid Parental Leave

  • 4 weeks for birth mother for non-surgical delivery
  • 6 weeks for birth mother for C-section delivery
  • 2 weeks for spouse or domestic partner of a birth mother
  • 2 weeks for the adoption of a child

Promotional Bid Lockout

  • Shortened to 6 months (currently 12 months) from last successful bid

-Caulker title

  • City will begin hiring current City employees into the Caulker title

Promotion out of the bargaining unit return extended to 60 months

  • Includes Caulker position
  • Return to Laborers bargaining unit only allowed in cases of layoff or termination without cause

Foreman of Construction Laborers

  • Comp time over 160 hours will be paid out beginning June 1
  • Foremen of Construction Laborers in DWM will have option to go on Rotational Overtime List

Single Vacation Days

  • Can now use 6 of your days as sick (VVS) days (currently 5)
  • Can now use 6 of your days as single (VVF) days (currently 5)

Vacation Carryover

  • Employees with 10 or more years of service can carry over up to 5 days (currently 3) that must be used by June 30 (currently April 30)

FMCS Pilot for Discipline Hearings in DSS/DWM

  • A pilot program will start wherein a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service will recommend discipline in an attempt to get it right the first time and lessen the need for appeals


  • Foreman of Construction Laborers to be hired at Midway
  • 3 Chief Storekeepers to be hired at O’Hare (Same pay as Foreman of Construction Laborers)
  • O’Hare warehouse schedule to move to 8 hours of work with 30-minute unpaid lunch

Career Service

  • Apprentices in DWM will remain seasonal. But once they’ve completed their apprenticeship, they will become Probationary Career Service for one year, and after that year they will become Career Service.