Transfer Requests

For those of you employed by the City’s Department of Water Management or the Department of Aviation, tomorrow begins the one month period during which you can turn in transfer requests.

As a reminder, you can turn in transfer requests whether you are seasonal or career service, but they can only be granted if you are career service at the time the vacancy occurs (and if you are the most senior person with a transfer request filed for that vacancy).

For those of you in DWM, if you just want to switch districts, or get to a district from New Construction, do not check any lines in the “Assignments” column.  Just check one choice in the Location column and one choice in the “Shift” column.  Choosing “Any” in each of those columns will give you the best chance of having a transfer granted.

Remember: make sure to get your transfer request time-stamped by a Foreman or other supervisor by the end of June, and keep a copy for yourself.